I'm a Detroit-area creative. I like to work with pixels and light.

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Web Designer / Marketer

I have built and re-built many a website and worked on digital marketing projects of all sizes. I’m a WordPress expert. I also have experience with Drupal, Joomla, and other cloud/SaaS/CMS/proprietary web platforms.

I have managed enterprise web applications on down to SMB websites. I’m now a Content Marketing Producer at Sandhills Development, shifting from client work to product work, and from tech and design to copywriting and digital marketing.
Joe in Tokyo on video shoot

Film Producer / Director

I have produced many commerical and documentary films. I have worked alone and on big crews. My main specialty is editing and motion graphics.

I have been blessed to serve some great organizations around Detroit and around the world. I have edited video for network TV and clients large and small.

Recently I have worked with Sandhills Development, Detroit Zoological Society, Baker Publishing Group, and the University of Michigan.


Creative + Technical Manager

I like to say I’m 50% creative cat, and 50% computer nerd. I can lead distributed teams, bring together stakeholders, and figure out how to take projects from vague ideas to iterative deliverables. I’m a creative when you need it, and a techie when you need it.


Project Manager

I have worked on lots of projects over the years: websites, mobile apps, videos, DVDs/Blu-Ray and high-tech live exhibits. I have learned how to manage budgets, collaborate with vendors, stay organized, and deliver great experiences.

Resume, work history, and client list available on request.

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