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Landing Pages

I’ve written and built many landing pages. Mostly with WordPress and the Block editor. | Skills used: technical copywriting, page layout, search engine optimization, graphic design, cross-team collaboration, content management

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Screenshots: Kinsta Youtube Channel

Product Videos

I have an extensive background in video production. I can write, plan, shoot, and edit film and video projects of all sorts. Recently I’ve added on-camera and voice-overs to the mix.

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SEO Blogging

I managed all EDD content marketing including the blog. Skills used: copywriting, search engine optimization, graphic design, product management, cross-team collaboration, content management

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Screenshot: DZ interactive map 3

Interactive Map

I oversaw production of an interactive zoo map with automated content updates via WordPress Rest API. Skills used: UI/UX design, prototyping, web development, developer management, product management

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Website Rebuild

I managed the entire rebuild process several years ago. Skills used: UI/UX design, prototyping, project management, GitHub code management, vendor management, proposal writing, vendor selection, product management, cross-team collaboration

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